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Glued Structural Members


Glued structural members are manufactured in a variety of configurations. Structural composite lumber (SCL) products consist of small pieces of wood glued together into sizes common for solid-sawn lumber. Glued-laminated timber (glulam) is an engineered stress-rated product that consists of two or more layers of lumber in which the grain of all layers is oriented parallel to the length of the lumber. Glued structural members also include lumber that is glued to panel products, such as box beams and I-beams, and structural sandwich construction.  This two-hour continuing education course for architects and engineers discusses these products in detail.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course you will have a better understanding of the use and construction of glued-laminated wood beams, structural composite lumber and lumber that is glued to panel products, such as box beams and I-beams, as well as sandwich panel construction.

Learning Objectives include:
  1. The types, advantages and uses of structural composite lumber.
  2. Standards and specifications for structural composite lumber.
  3. The types, uses and history of glued-laminated timber.
  4. The manufacture, standards and specifications of glued-laminated timber.
  5. The development of structural design values for of glued-laminated timber.
  6. Designs for of glued-laminated timber.
  7. Structural members with glued members with lumber and panels including box beams, I-beams, prefabricated I-joists and stressed skin panels.
  8. The fabrication and structural design for structural sandwich panels.
  9. Dimensional stability, durability and bowing of structural sandwich panels.
  10. Thermal insulation and fire resistance of structural sandwich panels.

Qualifies for two credit hours of Health, Safety and Welfare (2 PDH; 0.2 CEU).

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Acceptable continuing education for:

(AL) ALABAMA:Architect, (AL) ALABAMA:Engineer, (AK) ALASKA:Architect, (AK) ALASKA:Engineer, (AK) ALASKA:Landscape Architect, (AR) ARKANSAS:Engineer, (CO) COLORADO:Architect, (GA) GEORGIA:Architect, (GA) GEORGIA:Engineer, (ID) IDAHO:Engineer, (IL) ILLINOIS:Architect, (IN) INDIANA:Architect, (IN) INDIANA:Landscape Architect, (IA) IOWA:Architect, (IA) IOWA:Engineer, (KS) KANSAS:Architect, (KS) KANSAS:Engineer, (KS) KANSAS:Landscape Architect, (KY) KENTUCKY:Architect, (KY) KENTUCKY:Engineer, (LA) LOUISIANA:Architect, (LA) LOUISIANA; Engineer, (ME) MAINE:Engineer, (MN) MINNESOTA:Architect, (MN) MINNESOTA:Engineer, (MN) MINNESOTA:Landscape Architect, (MS) MISSISSIPPI:Architect, (MS) MISSISSIPPI:Engineer, (MS) MISSISSIPPI:Landscape Architect, (MO) MISSOURI:Architect, (MO) MISSOURI:Engineer, (MO) MISSOURI:Landscape Architect, (MT) MONTANA:Engineer, (NE) NEBRASKA:Architect, (NE) NEBRASKA:Engineer, (NE) NEBRASKA:Landscape Architect, (NV) NEVADA:Architect, (NV) NEVADA:Engineer, (NH) NEW HAMPSHIRE:Engineer, (NH) NEW HAMPSHIRE:Landscape Architect, (NM) NEW MEXICO:Architect, (NM) NEW MEXICO:Engineer, (NC) NORTH CAROLINA:Architect, (ND) NORTH DAKOTA:Engineer, (OH) OHIO:Architect, (OH) OHIO:Engineer, (OK) OKLAHOMA:Architect, (OK) OKLAHOMA:Engineer, (OR) OREGON:Architect, (OR) OREGON:Engineer, (PA) PENNSYLVANIA Engineer, (RI) RHODE ISLAND:Architect, (SC) SOUTH CAROLINA:Architect, (SC) SOUTH CAROLINA:Engineer, (SD) SOUTH DAKOTA:Engineer, (SD) SOUTH DAKOTA:Landscape Architect, (SD) SOUTH DAKOTA:Architect, (TN) TENNESSEE :Architect, (TN) TENNESSEE :Engineer, (TN) TENNESSEE :Landscape Architect, (TX) TEXAS:Architect, (TX) TEXAS:Engineer, (TX) TEXAS:Interior Designer, (TX) TEXAS:Landscape Architect, (UT) UTAH:Architect, (UT) UTAH:Engineer, (VT) VERMONT:Architect, (WV) WEST VIRGINIA:Architect, (WV) WEST VIRGINIA:Engineer, (WY) WYOMING:Engineer

US$60.00: 2 Credit Hour(s)

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