Green / Sustainable Design

Elemental Earth


This one hour continuing education course for architects and interior designers will provide the student with an understanding of the various ingredients found in clay-based walls and plasters and how they interact with eachother.  Learn about the creation, formation and make-up of clays and sands and how to identify and distinguish them; how to gather and refine materials directly from Nature; and how they are used in adobe, plasters, cob, rammed earth, pressed earth blocks and straw bales.


  • Formation of the Earth
  • The nature of clay
  • Identifying and distinguishing clays
  • Levigation
  • Discovering clay's elemental properties
  • Sand and other fillers
  • Natural sources of sand
  • Mica and its uses
  • Commercial sources of clay, sand and other materials
  • Gathering and refining materials from Nature
  • Fiber binds ingredients together
  • Additional additives
  • Adobe
  • Cob
  • Rammed earth
  • Pressed earth blocks
  • Straw-clay walls, pumicecrete and straw bales
  • Clay plasters
  • Conclusion
  • Quiz

Qualifies for one credit hour of Green / Sustainable Design (1 PDH; 0.1 CEU).

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Acceptable continuing education for:

(AL) ALABAMA:Architect, (AL) ALASKA:Architect, (GA) GEORGIA:Architect, (IL) ILLINOIS:Architect, (IN) INDIANA:Architect, (IA) IOWA:Architect, (IA) IOWA:Interior Designer, (KS) KANSAS:Architect, (KY) KENTUCKY:Interior Designer, (MN) MINNESOTA:Architect, (MN) MINNESOTA:Interior Designer, (MS) MISSISSIPPI:Architect, (MO) MISSOURI:Architect, (NE) NEBRASKA:Architect, (NV) NEVADA:Architect, (NM) NEW MEXICO:Architect, (OH) OHIO:Architect, (RI) RHODE ISLAND:Architect, (SD) SOUTH DAKOTA:Architect, (TN) TENNESSEE :Architect, (TN) TENNESSEE :Interior Designer, (TX) TEXAS:Architect, (TX) TEXAS:Interior Designer, (UT) UTAH:Architect, (WV) WEST VIRGINIA:Architect

US$35.00: 1 Credit Hour(s)

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